Jews weren’t able to own land in many countries in Europe and weren’t able to be in a lot of different occupations which is why a lot of them really did turn to owning banks and whatnot which made them serve really well as a scapegoat for germany’s economic problems which were due to england and france. 

life lesson: don’t be a fucking asshole because your actions have consequences way down the line 

literally still in shock with the fact that i won wilco and ryan adams tickets today especially because with wilco i had to be caller number 10 and then with ryan adams i had to be caller number 7 and it seemed like it took a lot more time with the ryan adams ones…. 


I made this zine for my sis on inspirational Japanese people. 

**To my dearest sister Rhiannon,
There is nothing more liberating than 
acceptance and pride of one’s own diversity.**

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Today I won wilco and Ryan Adams tickets but lost out on the Ryan tickets because I won the wilco tickets and I’m kinda bummed ‘cause I love Ryan Adams more but I am the luckiest person in the world today

Getting drunk during an atomic bomb or during nuclear meltdown will help you a lil bit with possibly surviving radiation poisoning


an excellent and very specific compilation video 

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getting all my year-round decorations in the halloween section of walgreens

why aren’t there drive thru convenience stores????? sometimes you just want a candy bar but your anxiety is bad